Monday, 7 September 2009

The Plan

I promised more info on what I want to do with my One and Other time slot, so here we go.

My initial response was, oh well, obvious really, take a mike and a PA and treat the thing as a gig. Easy. But then I thought that this wasn't really stepping up to the mark properly, in spirit anyway. Given the uniqueness of the situation, I figured what I needed to do was something that responded to the situation.

I decided that what I want to do is not to simply perform something on the plinth, I want to write something while I'm there. And I want people to see what I'm writing while I'm writing it, so I need some way of transmitting it as I work on it.

At first I thought the way to go was to get a laptop projector. But I'm concerned about the logistics. The ideal I have in mind is something along the lines of Jenny Holzer's projections, but we all know what Eliot said about ideals and realities. And where to project it? A screen behind me might take up space on the plinth without really being that visible to the crowd. And projecting onto the square itself - would that work?

So, because we're still at an early stage, it's time to open things up. It's not the time, yet, to get into Space Pen thinking. I don't need a projector, necessarily - but what I do need is some way in which people can see the progress of what I'm creating as I create it. Any ideas?

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