Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm gonna be on telly!*

I received an email late yesterday to say that I have been selected to be art for an hour (specifically, 0400-0500) as part of One and Other in Trafalgar Square on the 2nd of October.

I know what I want to do, and will be providing more details later. For now, though, I want to beg shamelessly for equipment. To help me with this, you will need:

* a projector which I can hook up to my laptop

* a mike and PA system which can fit on the plinth (or a megaphone, possibly)

* a flask of weak lemon drink.

If you can provide any of these things, or any other skills/equipment you think will be useful, please mention it below. More detailed updates later, once I've worked out transport to and accommodation in the Great Wen. Laters, yeah?

Oh, almost forgot - drink your weak lemon drink NOW!

* well, streaming internet anyway. It's almost like telly.

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