Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BBC in 'total balls deficiency' shock

Tonight, I watched Hardcore Profits, a BBC2 documentary (which looks a lot like it was originally made for BBC3) about how 'legitimate, respectable companies' are making out like gangbusters from people accessing porn via the net, pay-per-view TV and mobile 'phones.

This is a massive, world-shattering shock - as long as you initially subscribed to the idea that mobile phone networks, credit card companies, and the Marriott hotel chain were paragons of virtue to begin with.

If, however, like any intelligent adult, you're aware that mobile phones can be used to detonate bombs, credit cards can be used to purchase all kinds of illicit commodities (and are also damned handy for chopping out lines of coke), and hotel rooms can play host to all kinds of kinkiness without the TV even being on, you'll think, meh.

Y'know what would be a good angle, though?

You could investigate a moralising middle-market newspaper which gives column inches to extremely conservative commentators and prints scathing reviews of films it considers pornographic, yet which turns out to be owned by a corrupt porn baron who runs television companies whose websites promise 'immediate access to hundreds of hardcore videos and images'.

You could follow up that angle. But they didn't. Why not?

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