Sunday, 27 September 2009

How you can help

A campaign is afoot on twitter to get people to sponsor me for my plinth gig. We've already raised quite a bit of cash collecting in Borders Gateshead, but if you're further afield there are ways you can help too.
The best way is to donate to International PEN directly, and tell them I sent you. You can contact them via email at , or phone on 0207 405 0338 to make a donation. You can also get their postal address from the link in the post below.
Thanks for reading, and go give them lots of money!

Edit at 19:04, Sunday 27/09 - English PEN, the founding chapter of International PEN, have a link to an online donation form at their website. If you want to donate online, this is another way in which you can do so. Please tell them I sent you at the top of the form, though - I'm not making any money out of this, but getting some props would give me a happy. Thanks.

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