Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Daily Express is a Rubbish Newspaper owned by a Porn Baron

...as I've mentioned on here previously. But, weirdly, I've never hated the Express as much as I hate the Daily Mail. I think, in part, this is because I know a lot of people who read the Express, while I've never knowingly interacted with a Mail reader outside of selling them their Daily Hate at work.

My parents read it. My ex-wife reads it. There's a woman who regularly visits our shop to buy her copy and who seems like a genuinely nice person. There are good people who read it - precisely because they know how evil the Mail is and they want to read a middle-market paper which isn't that evil.

And I remember when the Express genuinely was better than the Mail. I remember the late '90s, when they took a generally left-of-centre stance on issues instead of trying to copy Paul 'Vagina Monologue' Dacre's editorial stance. Back when Rosie Boycott was editor-in-chief, and they agitated vocally for the legalisation of cannabis, the Express was my second-favourite paper (after the Grauniad), for reasons my legal counsel has advised me not to go into. Irie.

But today, the headline on the Express' front page - the headline on the paper which is meant to be not quite as bad as the Mail - was 'Unions Want Even Higher Taxes.'

Fuck you, Daily Express. You're fucking dead to me.

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