Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Plan Mutates

So I've been thinking about my plans for the One and Other appearance. Thinking, and simplifying. The idea of using a projector is out. The idea of taking a laptop down and working on the piece using that is out. Simplify, simplify, simplify. There's only so much space, there's only so much power, there's only so much time to faff around. I do still intend to take a mike and PA down, and still need to get that sorted out. But as far as writing the thing I'm going old-school: pen and paper. Read it out as we go.

I will still be eliciting lines for the poem from the audience, via both the tried-and-trusted method of asking them to shout, and also taking tweets from people, but instead of lugging my laptop onto the plinth I plan to just use an iPhone or similar to stay in touch with the tweetstream, either borrowed from someone else, or I may actually use this event as an excuse to catch up with everyone else and buy one.

Tickets have been bought, travelling down and back on the National Express from Newcastle. Reminds me of the Hastings Poetry Festival ten years ago, when I did the same thing. No accommodation booked as yet, because it's an odd time to book - the coach back from London departs at about half nine, and rather than go back to a hotel I'm toying with staying up mainlining coffee, walking the streets of London at dawn and grabbing a massive greasy spoon breakfast, then sleeping on the bus.

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