Saturday, 12 April 2014

NaPoWriMo Catch-up 2: Until the Whole World's Thrilled

'Certain thrills puff off you like smoke rings, some like bell rings growing out, out, turning brass, steel, gold, till the whole world's filled with the gonging of your thrills' - from 'She Didn't Mean to Do It' by Daisy Fried.

When you pin me, I see stars.
When your legs spread mine

in what they call a grapevine
and you teach me how the turkey's wishbone feels,

light-headed doesn't cover it.
It's fireworks and Beethoven

when I feel the breath in you
turn water in the hollow of my neck;

when I hear you ask me
if I want to say the word;

when I shake my head
to make you hurt me more.

*  *  *

The prompt for this NaPoWriMo piece was to write something inspired by random text generated by the bibliomancy oracle. The epigraph to this poem is the text that it generated for me.

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