Sunday, 26 July 2009

Palin has a drug dealer on speed-dial, apparently.

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Sarah Palin received 'the rock star treatment' at her farewell party.

I know rock is a pretty debased currency these days, but do we have to imply that Sarah frakkin' Palin is on the same plane as Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Slash or whoever else you care to name in the rock canon (I'm going to put Julian Cope in as my wild card)? No, we do not.

'Celebrity treatment' would have been acceptable, especially given that she's more suited to the vacuous realm of celebritainment than she is to the grown-up world of politics. But 'rock star'? No. Not even after that terrible Nickelback song.

Though I'd be tickled pink if La Palin's people could tell me which of these lyrics best represents the wolf-hating Jesus-freak governor. Me, I'm torn between the ten-person hot-tub or the centrefold-dating, either of which would provide a pretty good explanation for her stunning reverse ferret out of office recently...

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