Monday, 20 July 2009

Don't fuck with the Ears With Feet

Professional wrestler and candidate for coolest man on Earth Mick Foley has an interesting pre-match preparation routine:

'Oddly though, the most intense images occur to me when I listen to the Tori Amos song ‘Winter’. It’s a truly beautiful track, but I listen to it before matches to help me visualise the violence I’m about to wreak.'

Mick Foley is responsible for the most extreme 'Hell in a Cell' match ever, and once lost two-thirds of an ear in the ring ropes during a match against Big Van Vader in Munich.

Suddenly, the juxtaposition of 'Hey, Jupiter' and 'threatening someone with violence' in this post doesn't seem quite so surprising.

Weird that it's 'Winter', though. Me, if I had to prepare for a steel cage death match, I'd listen to the live version of 'The Waitress' from To Venus and Back...

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