Thursday, 22 April 2021

Content Note: Savile

 You can blame Jonathan Meades for this one.

Time is a Flat Cercle 

The old man’s back again: back in the barrister’s body,

called down from the astral for a final coffin-fuck

with the Iron Lady, a consummation deviantly fixed

like a Green Room buggered Boy Scout

and his jobless mother; back to celebrate

the Pigfucker’s election win, the stitching-up

of Scottish independence, the bigots given wing,

the increasing use of ‘English’ as identifier

on official forms, the begging of the West Lothian 

Question; the express-checkout riot courts, go

directly to Pentonville for looting ten items or less,

the coppers let off for killing the newspaper man,

the Brazilian, for shagging their way through 

the runway-delayers: the continuum, the irony 

of his flesh-vessel’s name, shoving Kier’s hardy 

into the barbed wire forest between the Baroness’ legs,

the box-office-baby baron of BBC light entertainment,

Big Daddy’s buddy, leaping barefoot from the ring

to the Vatican, to Broadmoor and japes with his pal Peter;

to the memory of Christmases passed out together in Chequers

while Denis pissed himself, mute, in the corner, parentheses

round the word ‘accomplished’ in Gladio memos, glasses chinked

to celebrate the death of Pasolini; to a future of faith-based

depravity, photo ops at Jesus House, superinjunctions preventing

the naming of Russian violinists, MI5 ramblers, to the Liverpool

coup, carried out with Nadim’s ceracular blessing; to Victorian 

values and C Howard Hinton’s idea of time, to the slow cancellation,

to his haunting of all of our memories, to the abolition

of any alternative,the dissolution of time, the breakdown 

of a real present into a fictional history whose statues laws are written to defend

while women are beaten by policemen again and again,

to Rees-Mogg’s hypocritical Easter amen, to a one-party state

ruled by a blonde spaffer shacked up in Number Ten, 


One hopes they used Sir Kieth as a medium to allow a similar communion between Savile's astral body and Phil the Greek at least once before the latter went over recently.

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