Friday 2 February 2024

Charlie Windsor's Theme

 It's been a while! I am still working on Albian Dreams, with more of a focus on making it a properly multimedia project rather than just a weird sort of blog/novel/poetry collection thing. So with that in mind, please enjoy the first official piece of music from the Albia OST, the theme tune for Charlie Sausage Fingers!

I've been working a lot on music over the past month, as you'll see from looking at the recent output on my YouTube. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm pleased that my pieces are beginning to become more ambitious in terms of structure, even if I am still mainly mucking about with loops in Endlesss. I'm currently working on a grant application for this project which will hopefully allow me to do some kind of structured training in music/video production, but in the meantime I am reliant on the meagre state benefits I receive as a disabled person in the decidedly un-utopian version of these islands we have to live in, and on tips from readers like you, so if any of you feel like chucking a few coins in my tip jar at that would totally rock hard! Tippers get access to cool extra stuff like bonus videos, shout-outs in the dedications, etc etc, you know how this works. 

More updates and ramblings soon!