Friday, 5 September 2014

Video post - You remind me of Tyson, Tamikka

Let me tell you something about poets. 
We're mercenaries, of a sort. When we take on a battle, it's always with a view to what we'll get out of it, artistically. Even if it's a cause we really believe in, we'll never be satisfied until we manage to get a decent poem out of the issue. 
So when I began working on the Tamikka Brents story for So So Gay, investigating her sponsors and the transphobic hate-groups who were declaring their support for her, I knew I was gonna be pissed-off if I didn't emerge from spending weeks mired in sports journalism without a decent poem to show for it. 

Well, tonight I wrote that poem.  

For the benefit of those unable to hear the poem, I've included a transcript below, in the previous post!

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