Saturday, 13 September 2014

No last-minute redemption for Tamikka Brents: the Fightin' Bigot still refuses to condemn her fans' transphobia

If you thought that Tamikka Brents might just have been waiting until the last minute to do a face turn, round on the transphobes in her fan base and start really acting like the 'advocate for the LGBT' she once flapped her gums about being, then it is my sad duty to inform you that, at this point  - 17:33 GMT on 13/09/14, for the record - you'd be wrong, Professor.

I decided to have another look at Brents' Facebook fan page. I'm a positive person, you see. I like to believe that people can change: that, whatever they've done in the past (and let's face it, some people in the Brents camp have done some pretty appalling things...), they can still be redeemed, and make good on what they've done wrong. What can I say? I'm an optimist. Maybe Brents had finally had a change of heart, or at the least instructed whoever runs her social media operation that they needed to sanitise her page now she's been signed to Invicta - I mean, is Shannon Knapp really going to be happy to employ someone who tolerates transphobia because the people engaging in it are her fans?

But nah.

Brents has compared Fallon Fox to a sideshow act - but the real freakshow, in my view, is the parade of mediocrities who show their support for the Fightin' Bigot by going on her page to a-hoot and a-holler and a-engage-in-a-little-transphobia.

Here's Ralphybeatdown Ross, a man who seems, from his profile picture, to live in an actual trailer park, claiming Fallon Fox 'should be in prison not in a cage'. Because transitioning is actually illegal now?

And here's Andrew Prince. Andrew likes to use the t-slur. Almost as much as he likes to use emojis.

And then there's Ryan Moore. He's an interesting fella. He likes to say 'shemale':

Ryan really likes to say 'shemale'. It makes him feel like a big man:

But while Ryan may not like the T, he certainly likes the tea...the Tea PARTY, that is:

Yes, really: one of Tamikka 'advocate for the LGBT' Brents' supporters is a teabagger. At this stage, I'm honestly not even surprised: but given the moral calibre of the rest of her supporters, I'm confident he'll fit right in. 

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