Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I was feelin' kinda seasick...The crowd called out for more...

Kind of low on spoons at the moment, so probably won't be writing any long blog posts for a while.

I will be performing one of my recent poems, Rainy Breaktime, at the Newcastle INK Festival at The Cluny in Ouseburn. My major focus in life at the moment is the cobbling together of a gnarly outfit for the performance. Make-up and arm-warmers will probably feature, as will my awesome pink pointy Cyberdog flip-flops, which, it now officially being summer, I am rotating back into the wardrobe. Oh yes.

But anyway! Here are some links!

Penny Red on the vilest irony of, oh, the last week: Brian Haw being evicted from Parliament Square on spurious grounds while ErMadgesty tells us all about Nick an' Dave's big plan to make us all free.

Helen from Bird of Paradox on the couple on trial in Malawi.

Annie Lennox singing the song my head felt like when I started writing this post.

And, to cheer you up after all that misery...LAMP! I love lamp!

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