Friday, 5 February 2010

'Understand: there is no 'I'. Feel the Black Flame.'

(well okay, it was the White Flame in the Invisibles but work with me here, yeah?)

Short post today (and the crowd goes wild) because there is Stuff that Must Be Done. Yes. Well. Stuff I Fancy Doing, more like. Stuff That Isn't At All Necessary But I Quite Like, to be honest. Look, it's 'me' time, okay? It's been blue-arsed-fly central here all week and I'm meant to be on holiday. Yeeesh. You people, honestly....

But seriously though, I am taking a little time out from the ongoing Katrina Harte campaign to get some other stuff done, and one of the stuffs I'm getting done actually is a Thing That Must Be Done, in that it's the gig at Black Flame Books I keep going on about. This thing is happening sometime tomorrow afternoon, I think; I don't quite know the exact time yet, that's still being worked out. I'll be on the scene from 12:30pm onwards, which is when people are getting there to sort out the running order; and hey, the shop itself is open for business from 10am-5pm so, y'know, get down there anyway, support your local bookshop, that sort of thing.

I know what you're thinking. It's all very well, Adam, you telling us rough details about the gig, but what if we want to know exactly when it starts? Isn't there some kind of service whereby we could stay up-to-the-minute on things like this without checking this blog, perhaps a service whereby we can be updated on information about you through the medium of short messages? Fortunately, there is. I'll be out most of the next two days, but I will still be carrying the Infernal Device that lets me update my Twitter and even my Facebook page (sometimes, when Facebook feels like working), so you can stay in the loop that way, if you aren't following already.

And now I really am off. Yes, really. No, I will not hang around and do a little dance for you. No.

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