Friday 22 March 2024

Video Verse

 Because I am an extremely disorganised individual who sucks at co-ordinating things, I forgot to add video for my last few poems, so here they are, direct from YouTube: 

First, and most recent, here's my newest poem, from today, Keep Lists:

Second, here's Paycheck (The Ballad of Workplace Psychosis):

Here's Slough, which I note I haven't even got the text of on here yet: 

And finally, from all the way back last year because I am such a ding-a-ling, here's English Sounds Like Injury in Arabic

I will, I promise, get around to posting some of my bizarre synth/sampling experiments on here, but they can also be found on my YouTube channel if you want to hear the results of me faffing around recording and remixing rain, rubbish, and random gibberish. I recorded something weird AF the other night, which I will be posting up as soon as I come up with a video which fits. 

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