Tuesday, 19 April 2022

W6 9HA


Now then, now then guys and gals...don't those eyes look a little familiar?

I'm on the inside, looking in

on where I keep the me-in-me

and seeing someone else within.

Somebody I knew I might see:

I knew about the tracksuit and

what happened isn't news to me.

I knew about the consequences 

back when I first made the deal,

the same one he did: easy access

and deniability

in return for handing over 

that unfungibility 

that some will say we know from birth

and some will say we strive to be:

the signature, the fingerprint,

the you-in-you, the me-in-me.

We give it up so easily.

So I watch my sorority's 

photo opportunity 

give him the publicity

he hungers for eternally

anew. Adieu. To secrecy.

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