Monday, 27 June 2016

Inadequate Responses to the Crisis

Being a 38-year-old woman eating two bowls of cereal in a row while reading The AV Club

Making some weird porno-collage

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the nth time instead of an improving documentary

Getting high and showering

Watching a man come out of a newsagent with a shopfront displaying the Daily Mail logo, carrying a copy of the Sun, following him home and noting his address

Looking for alternate routes home in the place where you’ve lived for two years now in case you need to shake a tail or avoid being ambushed

Thinking about an old Warren Ellis webcomic for the first time in years

Rewatching Angels in America

Going out and getting in a fight

Listening to vaporwave and jerking off


Demanding a recount



Believing that anyone, anywhere, has any kind of plan

Another mass

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