Saturday, 7 May 2016

Shabby God Story

They call it 'a journey', expecting it to be
as straight as they are: linear, from
A to B, two points on a binary, from x
to y. They never realise that lines on maps
can lie. Can simplify. Projected fictions
only simulate the richness of the road,
the twists we'll take, the hands we'll hold,
the fists we'll raise, the quilts we'll sew,
the things that we can only know
because we read the secret code
in gazetteers too rarely sold by those who  keep to the safe roads and toe the
single hetero line. Our roads will intertwine like Mobius Medusas: through our
abusers, our seducers and the people
truest to us, who are fewer than the first
two but mean more. There is a story
in the fact that signs on maps read
'legend', I am sure. The way to there from here
is never straight - it's absolutely queer.

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