Monday, 7 December 2015

All that cliche heartleap stuff

All that cliché heartleap stuff:
it happens when I hear you’re coming over,
when my phone vibrates and it’s your face I see,
and I think  how  banal
 that  this  thing
should  be  happening
to  me.         

When you let me lay my head on your shoulder
I wanted to take myself outside,
quote my own poems at my puddle-reflection,
put a water pistol in my mouth
and beat myself about the head
with a printed PDF
of  The  Romance  Myth,
saying  you  are  not  the  kind  of  girl
who  falls  for  this,  remember,
and also I didn’t.

When you kissed me on the lips before you left
I didn’t know where I should put the stress:

the kiss,
the leaving.

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