Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Charm Against Love

To will yourself to never fall in love,
you'll need no potion, amulet or charm.
Just, for every likely prospect,
factor in the likely harm.

That boy who always, smiling, stutters,
when you meet at conference gigs?
Imagine being called his mother
when you have to buy the drinks.

That girl who always primes her glance
with thunderbolt significance
when she sings, with you in audience?
She sees in you the perfect chance
to write her break-up masterpiece:
your blood on her tracks.

The one who says she'll walk you home,
and keep you safe from danger?
On these roads she'll have you on your own,
and it's clear she thinks she's stronger.

You're never truly safe with love,
so say this over, like a charm:
it's too late, when they have you hugged,
to wonder if you trust their arms.

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