Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Live in Real Life! My National Library of Scotland set

For the benefit of certain individuals who would like to give the impression that I 'live on Twitter', here I am on-stage at the National Library of Scotland, performing to a packed audience at their conference yesterday on 'Reading and Identity'. Many thanks to Jo Clifford for filming: those approving noises you hear occassionally are Jo, responding to lines that she clearly quite liked! I'm just impressed that in less than ten minutes of stage time I managed to fit an explanation of my views regarding poetry reading microphone machismo, a short diversion on the effects of oestrogen and the trans participation policies of, among others, the World Flat Track Roller Derby Association, a big-up for So So Gay, a condemnation of the new face of transphobia in Mixed Martial Arts, and three actual poems into less than the ten minutes I'd been given! It was great to see so many interesting ideas from the many academic conference participants as well.

September is looking like an uncharacteristically fallow month, gig-wise, for me (so if you're booking anything that month and you fancy having an angry fat trans dyke poet on, do get in touch...), but October will see performances in London and Newcastle, followed by further gigs in Edinburgh and Newcastle in November. And it's beginning to look like I very well may be performing in Manchester in the early part of 2015...stay tuned for updates, as always. Or, indeed, just follow me on Twitter, as apparently I live there!

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