Sunday, 22 April 2012

NaPoWriMo Poem Twenty: Ezra Pound Guest-Edits Nuts Magazine

The tedium
of pages and pages of boobs,

free-floating innuendo-lodestones
orbiting the radio-wave ghost-laugh of Sid James.

*        *      *

Getting caught up with NaPoWriMo after falling three days behind due to the lurgy that's currently knacking me up and which is, I think, a resurgence of my iron-deficiency anaemia. Anyway. This one is inspired by the prompt from day nineteen to write an 'opposite day' version of an existing poem, in this case Pound's 'In a Station of the Metro', and by this Observer story about the woman who, as an editor at Nuts magazine, had to edit their 'Assess Your Breasts!' feature.

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