Saturday, 4 September 2010

There Goes the Government

Just popping in quickly to let readers know that Emergency Verse, Alan Morrison's anthology of anti-coalition poetry, is now available to download for £2.99 from The Recusant poetry site. Among many other fantastic contributions from the likes of Andy Croft, Michaels Rosen & Horovitz, John O'Donoghue, Keith Armstrong, Tom Kelly and Anne Babson (who contributes my personal favourite piece in the book, 'Recitative: Then Shall the Eyes of the Blind'), Emergency Verse features my rabble-rousing little poem 'Class? War?', which I wrote in a massive fit of pique during the week Nick Clegg turned out to be a total Lando and the first pictures of the lily-white new cabinet began to appear in the press.

I do urge you to buy Emergency Verse, not just because I'm in it but because it's a damn fine anthology, and I wish it wasn't just an e-book but an actual paperback I could shove into peoples' hands with an injunction to read. There aren't many good things you can buy these days for just shy of three quid (even a pint of decent lager costs more): so why not shell out for 300+ pages of good, angry poetry?


  1. Dear Adam,

    I am much obliged to you for thinking that my piece in Emergency Verse was good. I, too, am wrestling Emily Dickinson. On a good day, I'm mud-wrestling her.

    Anne "poetic obscurity stinks" Babson

  2. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for commenting. I tend to find myself losing to my Inner Emily most of the time, but I am managing the odd draw now and again.