Tuesday, 27 July 2010

King Solomon's Mines, Exit Seventy-Five

Just a quick scrawl to remind you that I am still here, dear readers, and to point you in the direction of a few links if nothing else...

Firstly, I would like to direct your attention to The Recusant, who are soliciting material for 'Emergency Verse', an anthology of poetry in opposition to the Coalition's assault on pretty much everything that makes Britain worth living in. I've had a piece accepted for it, and am in the company of eighty poets, including counterculture legend Michael Horovitz, former children's laureate Michael Rosen and all-around genius Andy Croft, but editor Alan Morrison is keen to get the number of contributors up to a nice round century. '100 Poets Oppose Coalition Cuts' would make a pretty good headlione. So, get your writing hats on and send some stuff in!

Other big-ups should go to the sites I found out about the Recusant anthology from: Todd Swift's fine poetry blog Eyewear  and the astonishingly comprehensive online writer's resource Write Out Loud which, if you're a writer of any sort, should totally be in your bookmarks.

In gadding-about social butterfly news, I will be going to Cellar Door Poetry in Durham on the 7th of August, and will probably be reading, either in one of the guaranteed slots or during the open floor period at the end. I like going to new poetry nights because I think they need to be supported. After an oddly fallow period the number of poetry and spoken word venues in the Newcastle/Durham area are bouncing back, which is to be welcomed and also assisted.

Also in going-out news, I am attending Washington Arts Centre for a special preview of Saturday Live poet Kate Fox's forthcoming Edinburgh festival show Fox News this coming Saturday, July 31st. I do recommend you catch this show: Kate is not only an incredible poet but she is actually one of the best comedians I've seen ever...and you know the high standards I have when it comes to comedians....

And now, having proved that I haven't vanished since last Friday, I shall sleep. Bonne nuit!

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