Monday, 3 August 2009

Us Islamic-loving Leftie Liberals

I'd imagine that a lot of you reading this are familiar with spEak You're bRanes , the funniest epiphenomenon on the web, where much hilarity is enjoyed at the expense of the right-wing social cripples who post their ill-thought-out vitriol on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' pages.

One of the things that particularly enrages the HYS commenters is the fact that comments on the HYS boards are moderated - the beeb obviously not wanting to give space to every BNP-voting nut with an unhealthy fixation on the punishment of paedos.

So naturally enough, like the crew of Battlestar Galactica (well, actually more like the crew of the Pegasus , but you get what I mean), some of the angrier elements from HYS have migrated to a new home at the Biased BBC blog.

And there things may have ended. After all, spEak You're bRanes already have their hands full mocking the HYS posters. To give the B-BBC contingent the same treatment, you'd need a whole other blog. Fortunately, however, someone's started it. And if you need a recommendation to read that blog, Opinionated Beyond My Education, look no further than the considered and thoughtful response that its author has received from the courageous and principled freedom fighters on whom he comments:

"Only coke snorting, rent-boy shagging faggots, actually like the BBC! Think about that next time your sucking muslim cock"

Now, come on. You can't not follow a guy who inspires that kind of response.

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