Sunday, 31 May 2009

Whatever you say Jack, you're (far from being) the master race...

So I went to visit my folks today and, on the way out, discovered some twerp had shoved a BNP Euro Election leaflet through their door. There hadn't been one there when I arrived, so I assume some of the Aryan race's finest footsoldiers must have came up and posted it and then, for some reason, decided not to knock on the door and do some actual canvassing like, you know, a real political party. Now, why wouldn't they want to risk having someone open the door, I wonder?

Yes, yes, I know, because I would have ripped their balls off and made them eat them. But they didn't know I was in. They definitely knew there were some people in - I could hear the noise of the Huddersfield/Castleford game from the bottom of the path. But they couldn't have seen me from the window. So why else would they be afraid to debate these issues they believe in so strongly with a pair of ordinary voters?

Because, of course, the BNP are not a legitimate political party at all, but a bunch of racist losers who fear argument with the public because they know, in the twisted, shrivelled little sphincters they call hearts, that it's the quickest way for them to be exposed as the jokers they are.

Here's an impassioned polemic from Anton vowl of The enemies of reason , explaining exactly why we should all make sure this week that we use our vote, and our powers of persuading other people to change their votes, to ensure that the Boneheaded Nazi Perverts don't get a toehold in the European parliament.

And, lest you think all this stuff about the BNP being scum and bigots is just typical pinko-lefty bias from members of the liberal elite, check out this report in the Observer newspaper , in which the distasteful little creeps are condemned out of their own drooling mouths. I particularly like the stuff one of them said about the death of David Cameron's son. Classy, that.

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